More about the venue(s)

The workshops on the 27 and 28 June and the Doctoral Consortium on the 28 June 2015 will take place in ERB. The name of the building is Engineering Research Building, and both the door at the ground level and the one on the upper courtyard level will be open. There will be a burgundy sign by the building with the name of our conference on it at both levels.

The building is visible in this street view, and the entrance is at the end of the foot path on the right.

Access to the ER Building from the Living Bridge (for those who stay in Capavilla Student Village) is possible from the upper level- the entrance is on the right :

On Sunday evening, the Welcome Reception will take place in the Plassey House, at 6pm.

On Monday & Tuesday, we will be in the CSIS Building for the conference:
Coming from the city (and Castletroy Park)

Coming from Capavilla:

and closer:

The Monday evening banquet is scheduled for 7pm at the Stables.