The list of work-in-progress papers accepted

The following work-in-progress papers were accepted for presentation at the conference:

  • Gordon Gow, Nuwan Waidyanatha, Chandana Jayathilake, Timothy Barlott, Helen Hambly and Anwar Mahmuda. Fostering Inclusive Innovation for Agriculture Knowledge Mobilization in Sri Lanka: A Community-University Partnership Development Project
  • Tunazzina Sultana, Angela Locoro and Federico Cabitza. Investigating opportunities and obstacles for a community-oriented time accounting social media in Bangladesh
  • Tabea De Wille, Chris Exton and Reinhard Schäler. Multi-language communities, technology and perceived quality
  • Kellie Morrissey. Community in dementia care and the role of familiar technology
  • Pei-Yao Hung and Mark S. Ackerman. Discount Expertise Metrics for Augmenting Community Interaction
  • Daniel G. Cabrero. Reflecting User-Created Persona in Indigenous Namibia: what NOT to do when working in Foreign Land
  • Mark Gaved, Richard Greenwood and Alice Peasgood. Using and appropriating the smart city for community and capacity building amongst migrant language learners
  • Aldo de Moor. Towards a Participatory Community Mapping Method: the Tilburg Urban Farming Community Case
  • Robert Palleis, Leonardo Parra Agudelo and Marcus Foth. Local Commons: A Visual Approach to Collective City Making through Situated Community Engagement