The list of full papers accepted

We are delighted to be able to publish the list of full papers that have been selected for presentation at the conference:

  • Susanne Bødker and Pär-Ola Zander. Participation in Design between Public sector and Local Communities
  • Luigina Ciolfi and Daniela Petrelli. Studying a Community of Volunteers at a Historic Cemetery to Inspire Interaction Concepts
  • Claire Wallace and Kathryn Vincent. Community Broadband Initiatives: what makes them successful and why?
  • Peter Lyle, Jaz Hee-Jeong Choi and Marcus Foth. Growing Food in the City: Design Ideations for Urban Residential Gardeners
  • Annamari Martinviita, Leena Kuure and Pentti Luoma. Do we speak the same language? Design goals and culture clashes in an online forum for young people
  • Malte Paskuda and Myriam Lewkowicz. Anonymous Quorans are still Quorans, just anonymous
  • Valeria Righi, Sergio Sayago and Josep Blat. Urban ageing: technology, agency and community in smarter cities for older people
  • Luke Hespanhol, Martin Tomitsch, Ian McArthur, Joel Fredericks, Ronald Schroeter and Marcus Foth. Vote As You Go: Blending Interfaces For Community Engagement Into The Urban Space
  • Tariq Zaman, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus and Alvin Yeo. Reducing “white elephant” ICT4D projects: A Community-Researcher Engagement
  • Gabriel Mugar, Carsten Østerlund, Corey Jackson and Kevin Crowston. Being Present in Online Communities: Learning in Citizen Science
  • Xiaolan Wang, Ron Wakkary, Carman Neustaedter and Audrey Desjardins. Information Sharing, Scheduling, and Awareness in Community Gardening Collaboration
  • Claudia Lopez and Rosta Farzan. Exploring the mechanisms behind the assessment of usefulness of restaurant reviews
  • Claudia Lopez and Rosta Farzan. Lend me sugar, I am your neighbor! A content analysis of online forums for local communities
  • Nemanja Memarovic. What Do You Investigate When You Build Display Systems For Communities?